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The mission of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Programs is to advocate for our students and families in partnership with our community to assure their success inside and outside of school; continuously innovate our practices and program to improve student achievement; and educate in ways that are relevant, relationship driven, and rigorous.

Our department is here to serve the students, parents and staff of Port Huron Schools in creating quality academic programming, providing the tools to instructional staff for the delivery of rigorous and engaging instruction.



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Personal Curriculum Alternative

Generally, to earn a high school diploma, a student must satisfy the requirements of Michigan's Merit Curriculum. However, the District may modify those requirements, by developing a personal curriculum for a student. All students are entitled to a personal curriculum.

In order to create and follow a Personal Curriculum, the following steps must be completed:

1. A parent/guardian of a student who has completed 9th grade, (or if the student is at least 18 years old or emancipated), or a student's teacher or counselor may request a Personal Curriculum.
2. The request is considered by a group comprised of the student; student's parent/guardian; teacher, guidance counselor or someone acting in that role. That group in turn creates the Personal Curriculum if one is determined to be appropriate.
3. The Executive Director of Achievement and Innovation and parent/guardian (or the student is at least 18 years and emancipated) must agree to the terms.
4. Regular communication between parents, student and the teachers must occur on the progress towards completing the Personal Curriculum.
5. Once the student has satisfied the Personal Curriculum, he/she may earn a high school diploma.

Please see the attached documents for complete rules and regulations relating to a Personal Curriculum.

If you have any questions, Please contact your child's counselor.

Personal Curriculum mcl-380-1278b
Personal Curriculum Alternative. Notice LEAs