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April Newsletter 

Congratulations to our Pride Card Winners for the Week of March 15: David Diller, Riley Fife, Brent Mitchell, Ayden Saura, Rylee Williams, and staff members Mrs. Ajayi-Obe, Ms. MacDonald, and Mr. Reilly.

As you are aware middle and high schools in Port Huron Schools are moving to remote learning Monday, March 22. Remote learning will look the same as it did earlier this year:

1st Hour    9:00-9:25
2nd Hour   9:30-9:55
3rd Hour  10:00-10:25 
4th Hour  10:30-10:55
5th Hour  11:00-11:25
6th Hour  11:30-11:55

Zoom lessons will run Monday through Friday. Attendance is required for all five days. Please contact the school attendance office at 984-2611 X1410 if you know your student will miss a Zoom session.  Teachers are asked to mark students absent when they do not attend their Zoom session. We have also encouraged teachers to check for engagement during the lesson to ensure that students are really "present." We encourage parents to check Skyward to verify their student attended the Zoom session.  If your student is marked absent and you believe they were present, please contact the teacher.

Virtual Students will continue working online.

TEC Students: TEC is virtual; teachers will be having Zoom sessions. 

Spring Break will be March 29-April 2.  Zoom sessions resume April 5, 2021.

Please know that the staff at PHHS are here to help you.  If a student is struggling, please reach out to us.  You can contact the counselor or the assistant principal through email or by calling the school at 984-2611.

Assistant Principals:
Joe Gilbert, jgilbert@phasd.us, 9th and 10th grade students A-K
Jillian Ciesielski, jciesielski@phasd.us, 9th and 10th grade students L-Z
John Eastman, jeastman@phasd.us, 11th and 12th grades

Gale Simon, gsimon@phasd.us, students last name A-E
Tricia Till, ptill@phasd.us, students last name F-La
Jennifer Nichols, jnichols@phasd.us, students last name Le-R
Mark Hanton, mhanton@phasd.us, students last name S-Z

Learning Labs: All students, including virtual, who need more assistance or would like to use the school's Wifi are invited to join the Learning Labs at PH.  Please sign up in advance here. 

Testing:  Tuesday, April 13th Testing:  10th Grade Students 7:35-1:30 (PSAT 10); 11th Grade Students 7:35-1:30 (SAT) and All Accommodated Testers.  Remote Learning for 9th and 12th Grade students.

Wednesday, April 14th Testing: 9th Grade Students 7:35-12:30 (PSAT 9); 11th Grade Students 7:35-12:30 (ACT WorkKeys), and All Accommodated Testers.  Remote Learning for 10th and 12th Grade Students. 

Juniors will be contacted about completing pre-administration prior to taking the SAT.  As a reminder, taking the SAT is a graduation requirement.  

Communicating with School Leaders for Parents Information

 PHHS Daily Schedule-Daily Schedule

Verification Forms:  

This is what we used to call Green cards.  Please complete these online this summer before school starts and during the school year if information changes.  If you fill this out online, you ensure that your phone number, address, and emergency contacts are all up to date.  Plus it ensures that your student gets access to a chromebook right away.  The best way to do this is to log into Skyward as a parent.  It will be the first link you see under messages. 

You have the ability to select "Forgot Login or Password" at the bottom of the Skyward login page.  Follow the instructions and you will be able to reset your own password and access your account.
For more information about Family Access, you can email enrollment@phasd.us or go to:

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