PHS is coordinating resources to provide CPR/AED instruction to 8th graders

PHS is coordinating resources to provide CPR/AED instruction to 8th graders
Posted on 10/27/2017

In 2015, the Michigan House of Representatives introduced Bill 5160 that would later be passed into law, mandating that “public schools, public school academies or non-public schools teaching grades 7 to 12” would provide instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation to pupils. Port Huron Schools has been collaboratively involved in establishing positive relationships with local entities, so that resources may be provided to support this mandate with all 8th grade health classes
throughout the district.

“Although this is a positive addition to our curriculum, we did have some resource challenges with implementing the mandated changes,” explained PHS Executive Director of Instructional Services Catherine Woolman. “The mandate requires that the students receive instruction based on programs from the ‘American Red Cross or American Heart Association or nationally recognized, evidence-based guidelines for CPR.’ In Port Huron, not only will we meet the new standard, but we are going a step further to ensure the training is truly applicable for students by including practice with respiration and chest compressions on mannequins. We are confident that the additional training piece will help ensure students are able to use the training more effectively in the event of an emergency situation.”
The law also requires that students complete this training in order to earn their high school diploma.

McLaren Port Huron generously offered to serve as the district’s instructional partner in this program. “As a Community Training Center for the American Heart Association, we were delighted to work with the school district in bringing CPR instruction into the classroom. Our certified CPR instructors will be assisting health teachers by evaluating students’ ‘hands on’ CPR skills and by providing automated external defibrillator instruction,” explained Kelly DiNardo, RN, community outreach and education coordinator at McLaren Port Huron. “As a health system, we recognize the importance of providing CPR instruction to our community. We know that when CPR is delivered correctly and promptly, the chances of someone surviving sudden cardiac arrest increase.”

McLaren Port Huron educators will be training PHSchools health teachers on October 31. In turn, the three middle schools will provide the instruction to 8th grade health students on November 13 and 29. Students will be using six mannequins (two per school), which were purchased from the American Heart Association by the Thumb District Dental Society. "The Thumb District was happy to have the opportunity to forward the cause of health and well being with the youth of our community. Learning preparedness today can save a life tomorrow,” said Phil Monroy D.S.S. TDDS President. "By donating CPR/AED equipment to our local schools we felt we had an opportunity to help improve the lives of our community into the future. As health care professionals we believe giving our youth an opportunity to learn a skill that can save a life and further their understanding of medicine is a value to everyone," added Adrian Forbes D.D.S. TDDS Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Thumb District Dental Society is a group of local dentists committed to improving the practice of dentistry for both its members, their patients and their community. It is a local component of the Michigan Dental Association. The mannequins cost $4,029.84 in total.
“The appreciation our district has for McLaren Port Huron, Thumb District Dental Society and the AHA is immense,” noted district Community Relations Director Keely Baribeau. “These expensive, but necessary resources could empower our students to one day possibly save a life. The generous organizations in our local medical community are terrific partners for our classrooms and teachers, not to mention excellent mentors for our students.”

Contact Community Relations Director Keely Baribeau regarding interest in times and locations for covering the instruction for this program.