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General Information
Port Huron Northern offers counseling services for all students. Counselors work with students to provide information on required coursework, to discuss progress toward meeting college entrance requirements, and top provide financial aid opportunities.

Parents: Because the counselors are typically working with students, the best way to contact them is by email. You are also welcome to call 810-984-2671, ext 1854 for the counseling office, and if the counselor is with a student, a message will be taken and your call will be returned at the earliest opportunity.

Students: Counseling schedules are posted in the Counseling office. If you need to see a counselor for a non-emergency, please sign-up for an available time. The counseling secretary will provide you with a pass, allowing you to come and see the counselor at the available time.

Dual Enrollment - Fall:
Students who wish to enroll in dual enrollment class(s) for the fall semester must complete all paperwork by the last day of school with their high school counselor.

Dual Enrollment - Winter:
Students who wish to enroll in dual enrollment class(s) for the winter semester must complete all paperwork by December 15th with their high school counselor

Online Class - Fall:
Students who wish to enroll in online class(s) for the fall semester must complete all paperwork by spring break with their high school counselor.

Online Class - Winter:
Students who wish to enroll in dual enrollment class(s) for the winter semester must complete all paperwork by December 1st with their high school counselor.

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Mrs. Julie Barlass is the school counselor for students whose last names begin with A-Fe
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
810. 984.2671 ext. 1853

Mrs. Dena French is the school counselor for students whose last names begin with Ff-Lf
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
810. 984.2671 ext. 1852

Mrs. Buffy Dingman is the school counselor for students whose last names begin with Lg-Roc
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday
810. 984.2671 ext. 1856

Mrs. Janet Smith is the school counselor for students whose last names begin with Rod-Z
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
810. 984.2671 ext.1858

Career Cruising
Career Cruising Instructions: Education Development Plan

1. Type in www.careercruising.com in address box.

2. Log in first with username "phnorthern", password "huskies".

3. Log in with username (usually 's' and student #) and password (usually last name in lower case) that you used before. (See Mr. Prill if there is a problem.) Different accounts for one student cannot be combined.

4. If you have never had an account, go to "create a new EDP".

5. Fill in personal information. You don't need to include email. Your new username will be an "s" plus your student ID #, and your password will be your last name in all lower case. Do not change this.

6. Log in using your username and password.

7. Click on the tab "Assessments".

8. Click on "Career Matchmaker"". Answer the 116 questions which will be in groups of 39 or so. Each time the grey box pops up when one group of 39 is done, click "save to my EDP" on the bottom, and then click "do more like this". The more questions answered, the better the assessment.

9. Click on "Assessments" tab and choose "My Skills" inventory.

10. Do the "My Skills" inventory, and save to your EDP in the same way as "Career Matchmaker".

11. When finished with both assessments, click again on "Career Matchmaker" and the program should produce a list of careers that coordinate between your interests and your skills. These careers will have a letter grade to the right from A to D, which rates how well your interests match your skills. Also, recommended Career Pathways have been generated. If there are several careers that interest you, click on them and always make sure you "save to my EDP" (on the left once you open up a career). Save at least three careers.

12. If you are interested in a career that is not listed, click on the top tab "Careers", and type in the title of that career. You need the correct name of the career, and if you have "no results", try a more general title for that career.

13. For each career there are tabs for description, working conditions, earnings, and education. Take your time and read at home.

14. Select your favorite career, click on "Education" on the left and scroll down to the academic programs. Click on one and you will go to the Michigan colleges that offer that program. You can also go to other states. Select a college you're interested in, "save to my EDP" on the left. In the 'saved box' put a comment linking that college to the career that led to it. Open the college back up by clicking on the name. There are tabs on the left giving information on admissions requirements, costs, and majors offered. Save at least three colleges. 

15. The school's website can also be found. Navigating these sites takes time. now you can see what the program offers and the courses involved. Usually under Admissions you'll be able to find where to apply online. Researching colleges takes time. Make sure the career and academic program you want is offered at the college you want.

16. You can go directly to a college by clicking on the tab at the top labeled 'school' and typing the name in the box.

17. If you click on "EDP" tab at the top you will see your saved data. Also there are sections to fill in volunteer activities, awards, hobbies, skills, education plan (which is 9 - 12 classes), post secondary goals, and career prep and planning.

18. The "Employment" tab at the top has information for letter writing, resumes, interviewing, and the work search with a huge section to keep track of your job search during and after college. Career Cruising will carry you through college. Since it is on line you can access it at home.

Blue Water Middle College FAQ
Q: Will the student receive a High School diploma from Port Huron Northern High School (PHN)?
A: No, they will receive a diploma from The Blue Water Middle College Academy (BWMCA); there will be no reference to PHN or the Port Huron Area School District on the diploma.

Q: Is transportation provided to the student to and from St. Clair County Community College (SC4)?
A: No, transportation is the responsibility of the student.

Q: Are students eligible for athletics at PHN?
A: Yes, they will have four years of eligibility at PHN. Scheduling classes at SC4 may be difficult to coordinate with practices and games, but students are encouraged to continue their participation in PHN athletics.

Q: Can a student participate in the band program at PHN?
A: Yes, it is possible to work out a schedule to be in the BWMCA and participate in marching band. Students in marching band are required to be scheduled in a band class during the school day.

Q: Will the student be recognized for any individual honors at PHN?
A: BWMCA students are not PHN students; they do not graduate from PHN. There are some honor/recognitions that are reserved for PHN graduates only. With this in mind, generally speaking any honor/recognition that is competitive in nature will be reserved for only PHN graduates. For example, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Academic Top 20 will be open to PHN graduates only. Special honors such as NHS or chords earned for a club or activity are not competitive and will be open to BWMCA students.

Q: Can a student attend BWMCA and the St. Clair County TEC?
A: Yes, it will be important to communicate this request with the BWMCA.

Q: Will the college credits earned as a BWMCA student transfer to four-year colleges or universities?
A: The college credits earned as BWMCA students are issued directly by SC4, so they will transfer like any other SC4 credits.
While most, if not all, SC4 course credits will transfer successfully to four-year colleges and universities and count toward a bachelor’s degree, there is no guarantee that all them will transfer. Some of the more competitive universities, such as the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, and some private colleges in Michigan, are less likely to transfer all community college courses a student may take. If students are concerned about how many credits will transfer, it is recommended that they contact one or two of the universities that they may attend and ask about the transferability of SC4 courses. The transferability of courses can even differ within the same university based on what program of study a student wants to follow.

It is important to consider that even if only 45 of the 62 credits earned as a middle college student transfer, a student can save a year and a half of tuition and room and board at a university, which can cost about $30,000. With careful research and planning many students will have 50 – 60 of their credits transfer.

Q: What will my college transcript look like?
A: The college transcripts of BWMCA students will be pure SC4 transcripts. There will be no special notices on them about a student being a middle college student while they were attending SC4. Students meeting all of the requirements for an associate degree at SC4 will also receive a diploma from SC4 in the spring of their 13th year.

Q: Should I take AP courses at the high school and how would they help a middle college student?
A: Students take Advanced Placement (AP) courses for several reasons. 1) Most colleges and universities will give students credit for a similar course at the university if they pass the AP exam for the class(es) they are taking with a high enough score. This saves the students time and money. 2) Students often take AP classes for the challenge provided by the curriculum, the teacher, and their classmates. 3) Students take AP classes, because it demonstrates to future colleges and universities that the student is willing to take a more rigorous schedule of classes in high school. 4) Students may have a strong interest in a subject and want to go more deeply into it. AP classes provide that increased depth of learning.

BWMCA students can take AP classes at the partnering high school for any of the above reasons. A student scoring high enough on the AP exam will receive credit from SC4 for a similar class and will be able to then take the next highest course in that subject area, which may increase the chances of taking SC4 courses that will transfer to a four-year university. On the other hand, students earning passing scores on several AP courses might want to transfer those credits directly to a four-year college or university and not enroll in the middle college. Successful AP courses save students time and money whether they choose to attend SC4 or a four-year university.

Q: How will a BWMCA student affect future scholarship options?
A: Scholarships students earn come from many different sources and have many different requirements depending on the source of the scholarship. Any scholarship that requires the applicant to be a PHN student will only be open to PHN students not BWMCA students. There are many scholarship opportunities that do not require the applicant to be a PHN student; these would be open to the BWMCA students. 

Q: What if I need or want to leave the program early; i.e., I get a scholarship to play at a college?
A: PHN will take any BWMCA student back as a full time student at PHN. Decisions regarding the graduation status will be made on an individual basis depending on the credit status of the student. PHN will make every effort to assure the student is able to graduate with his/her class.

Q: Can I march with my class at commencement? Will my name be called/can I walk across the stage?
A: Yes, BWMCA students will have the option of participating in the PHN commencement and their name will be called. It is important to remember the student will not receive his/her diploma at that time; they will receive their diploma from the BWMCA at a later time. The student needs to be certain to notify their counselor at PHN that they would like to participate in commencement by March 1 during their 4th year of high school.

Q: Am I eligible for any merit-based recognition at the graduation ceremony; I.E., chords for 3.5 GPA?
A: Yes, BWMCA students are eligible for any recognition that is not competitive in nature such as chords. BWMCA students are not eligible for recognition such as Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or Academic top 20 at PHN.

Q: Will the BWMCA students name still be printed in the graduation program?
A: Yes, the student needs to be certain to notify their counselor at PHN that they would like to participate in commencement by March 1 during their 4th year of high school.

Q: Can a BWMCA student run for class office at PHN?
A: Yes, provided the student can still meet the time commitments involved with student council or as a class officer at PHN.

Q: Can a student still get a varsity jacket/letter?
A: Yes, provided the student has earned a letter from PHN.