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Current Training Topics & Sections

Camtasia Studio Google Apps for Education Toshiba Copiers/Printers
DataDirector Google TrainingVideo Tools
Digital Cameras
& Digital Photo Tools
Microsoft Office 2010 Whiteboards
Discovery Education Streaming MOODLE willSub
Document Cameras RM Easiteach Windows 7
Epson ProjectorsSchoolDudeZangle Resources

Interactive Whiteboards

External Link   65 Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources
External Link (Whiteboard Lessons for RM Easiteach)
PDF DocumentInteractive Websites for Whiteboard Users
External Link   Interactive Sites for Whiteboards (from Internet4Classrooms)
External Link   Interactive Whiteboard Activities (Marilyn Western)
PDF DocumentInteractive Whiteboards Workbook
External Link   SMART Notebook Express (for SMART Lessons)

Eno Training & Resources

PDF Document Whiteboard & Document Camera (Getting Started)  
Video Document Eno Tips & Tricks Part 1-Projection Mode Lockout
Video Document Eno Tips & Tricks Part 2-Polyvision Driver Settings and Icons 1 & 2
Video Document Eno Tips & Tricks Part 3-On-Screen Keyboard Tips for the Web Browser
Video Document Eno Tips & Tricks Part 4-On-Screen Keyboard Tips, Writing Pad & Docking
PDF DocumentEno Whiteboard Orientation Packet
PDF DocumentEno Whiteboard Orientation - Notes & Resources
External Link    Polyvision/Steelcase Tech Support
External Link    Eno Self-Help Documents and Video Tutorials
External Link    Eno Training Resources Ning Site (BringLearningToLife)
External Link    Polyvision Wikispace

RM Easiteach Next Generation

Video DocumentRM Easiteach Video Tutorials
External Link    RM Easiteach Widgets Explained
PDF DocumentRM Easiteach User Guide
Video DocumentRM Easiteach Intro Training with Tracey Leschin
PDF DocumentRM Easiteach Next Generation How-Tos
PDF DocumentRM Easiteach QuickStart Guide & Cool Things You Can Do
External Link    RM Easilearn - Lessons, Activities and Tutorials
External Link    
RM Easiteach Software Download

Foxbright: Web Site Management System
Video Document Foxbright Video Tutorials
PDF DocumentQuick Reference Guide
PDF DocumentFoxbright User Guide for School Webmasters
PDF DocumentCreating a Free Classroom Foxbright Web Site
PDF DocumentUsing the Foxbright Calendar Module
Word DocumentTeacher Page Examples
External Link   Foxbright Tech Support

PDF DocumentHow to Use SchoolDude

Microsoft Office 2010

Word 2010

PDF DocumentMicrosoft Word 2010 Intro Training

Training Exercises for Word 2010
Word DocumentTraining Exercise 1
Word DocumentTraining Exercise 2
Powerpoint DocumentWord Training Presentation - Create Your 1st Word Document
Powerpoint DocumentWord Training Presentation - Word Tips & Tricks"

PowerPoint 2010

External Link   Make the Switch to PowerPoint 2010 - Quick Reference Guide
PDF DocumentIntro to PowerPoint 2010
PDF Document
Creating  PowerPoint 2010 Slideshow
PDF DocumentPowerPoint Tips & Tricks

Publisher 2010

PDF DocumentPublisher 2010 Intro Training

Other Microsoft Office Helpful Links

External Link   Microsoft's Office 2010 Training Site & Documents
External Link   Getting Started with Office 2010
External Link   Learn Where Menu & Toolbar Commands are in Office 2010
External Link   Tips for Microsoft Access
External Link   Converting to Access 2010
External Link   Publisher 2010
External Link  SkyDrive Online Storage

Camtasia Studio 7

Video Document Recording PowerPoint 2010 with Camtasia Studio (Buttons & Settings)
Video Document Navigating the TechSmith Learning Center for Camtasia Studio Users
PDF DocumentFirst Walkthrough: Fundamentals of Camtasia Studio
External Link Learning Center Tutorials

RecordEx SimplicityCam & ELMO Document Cameras

External Link   RecordEx Support & Training Documents
PDF DocumentXSight HD Training Resource 


Epson Projectors

External Link    The Epson Projector Remote Control (diagram photo)
PDF Document The Epson Projector Remote Control
Video Document The Epson Projector Remote Control (video)


Food Services  

PDF DocumentFood/Nutrition Login Process for Windows 7

Free Tech Tools, Tips & Tricks

PDF DocumentThe Best Free Tools & Tips for Busy Educators
PDF DocumentThe 70 Best Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts for Computer Users
PDF DocumentThe Best of the Best Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
PDF DocumentMicrosoft Free Media Tools in the Classroom 

USB Flash Drives

PDF DocumentUSB Flash Drive Troubleshooting

Video Tools
PDF DocumentMaking Videos on the Web (from FreeTech4Teachers)

PDF DocumentCreating Videos on the Web: Featuring Animoto & Creaza
PDF DocumentSend a Queued Up YouTube Video via Email

Digital Cameras & Online Photo Editing Tools

PDF DocumentDigital Photo Tools
Powerpoint DocumentOnline Photo Editing Tools

eInstruction Resources

External Link  eInstruction Software Downloads
External Link  eInstruction Product Training
External Link  eInstruction Technical Support
External Link  eI Community


Powerpoint Document Using Skype & WebCams to Improve Classroom Instruction
PDF DocumentSkype in the Classroom

Google Training

External Link    Google Apps for Education - Training Resources
PDF DocumentCreating a Student-Shared Folder in Google Drive
PDF DocumentCreating Student-Shared Google Docs for Class Accounts

External Link    8 Google Tricks For Your Classroom
PDF DocumentGoogle Apps Power Tips & Tricks  
PDF DocumentGoogle Search Tools
PDF DocumentGoogle Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks
PDF DocumentGoogle for Teachers (from FreeTech4Teachers)

PDF DocumentHow to Create a Quiz Using Google Forms
External Link    70 Google Forms for the Classroom
PDF DocumentGmail Hack (for students without e-mail)

MOODLE Training Resources

PDF DocumentMoodle 2.5 eBook  
PDF DocumentImporting a Lesson, Quiz or Assignment from Another Course
PDF DocumentAdding Video with an Embed Code
PDF Document
Downloading an MP3 and Embedding it into a Course
PDF Document
Embedding a United Streaming Image
PDF Document
Embedding a United Streaming Video
PDF Document
Embedding Audio from a Podcast Hosting site

Apple devices

 External Link   iPad Resources (A Collection of Great Resources)
 External Link   The Best iPad Apps and iPad Resources (from
 External Link   Free Education Apps Sorted by Grade Level
PDF Document The 55 Best Free Education Apps for iPad
PDF Document The Best iPad Productivity Apps for Getting Things Done
External Link    How to Put an iPad into Recovery Mode (to remove a passcode, etc.)
PDF Document iPad Orientation (Agenda - short)
PDF Document iPad Training for Teachers (the full "Basics" class)
PDF Document iPad Guide for Principals
 External Link   iPad Apps for Administrators (Recommended)
PDF Document Mirroring Your iPad with The Reflector App
Video Document Teacher Evaluations on the iPad (for Principals)
 External Link   Using the iPad for Paperless Walkthroughs
iPod Touch
PDF DocumentFree iPod Touch Elementary Math Apps
PDF DocumentiPods in the Classroom Resources

Tools for Teaching Digital Natives 

External Link  TTDN Training Notes (3-Day Session at RESA)

Universal Design for Learning Team Training

External Link  UDL Weebly Site (Created and Presented by the Macomb ISD)

Discovery Education Streaming (formerly United Streaming)

PDF DocumentPasscodes for Discovery Education Streaming
External Link   Discovery Education Professional Development Guides

willSub: System for Substitute Teachers & Parapros

PDF DocumentWilsub Teacher How-To Manual

Data Director: Data Warehouse & Test Management System

External Link    DataDirector Help Files (Table of Contents)
PDF DocumentDataDirector Resources (from RESA site)
PDF DocumentDataDirector FAQ
PDF DocumentDataDirector Complete Exam Packet - Directions

Windows 7

PDF DocumentWindows 7 Tips, Tricks & Tweaks
External Link   Windows 7 Tips & Tricks (from

Zangle Resources

PDF DocumentZangle Gradebook Setup Guide
PDF DocumentParentConnect Setup for Parents (Secretary Use)
PDF DocumentParentConnect Registration Form
PDF Document
Taking Attendance with Zangle TeacherConnection
PDF Document
Zangle Training Tools (from RESA Site)

Toshiba Copiers/Printers

PDF DocumentToshiba Printer/Copier Step-by-Step How-To's
PDF DocumentToshiba Copiers: How to Do Basic Jobs
PDF DocumentScan to E-mail (even in color) (detailed directions)
PDF DocumentScan to JPEG and Send to E-mail
PDF DocumentSet a Password for a Print Job


PDF DocumentEverything with Evernote 


Free Online Training

PDF DocumentFree Online Tech Training Sites & Resources


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