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**Kindergarten Guidance - If you are trying to enroll for Kindergarten and your child currently attends the Early Childhood Center, please contact the Early Childhood Center and they will let you know how to proceed.

**Note: If you are here for Kindergarten Round Up Information, Building Preference, Schools of Choice, Preschool or GSRP, please scroll to the bottom of this page.**

Students residing within the boundaries of the Port Huron Schools may enroll at any time. If you live outside PHS boundaries, please check the information below to apply for our Schools of Choice program. If you encounter any problems or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact an Enrollment Clerk at (810) 984-3101 or by emailing enrollment@phasd.us.

Steps to Register Your Child

**NOTE: We have transitioned from Skyward to the PowerSchool Student Information System. Until further notice , please come into your student's building to enroll your child. The PowerSchool Online Enrollment System will be available later this school year.

If you would like information about our PowerSchool Student Information System, see our Parent FAQ

If you have a current student and are looking for information on transferring buildings, please go to the bottom of the page to the "Building Preference & Schools of Choice" tab for the Building Preference Request information. 

New Student Enrollment

 Thank you for choosing Port Huron Schools!

Required Documents Note
Once you have completed the enrollment application, you will still need to provide the following documents to complete the enrollment process. You have the option of downloading these documents and bringing them into the building or you may wait to be contacted by the school and provide them at that time:

Documents Required for Registration
These documents are required for registration, if you would prefer to work with hard copy documents. The fillable forms may be downloaded, filled in and printed at home.

*Original Birth Certificate (
Birth Certificate Ordering Information)
*Two Proofs of Residency
(Proof of Residency examples include: utility bills, mortgage statement, rental agreement, city income tax, etc. The document must show the address where the child lives)
*Vaccination Records (Immunizations) (Immunizations Parent Guide)
Kindergarten Health Appraisal (Applies to Incoming Kindergarten Students ONLY)
Kindergarten Prior Care Survey Letter - Fillable (Applies to Incoming Kindergarten Students ONLY)
Student Registration Form Fillable
Concussion Awareness Fillable
Emergency Information Form Fillable
Education Benefit Form (Household Survey)
*Medical-Allergy Alert Fillable
*Michigan Department of Community Health Immunization Requirements Fillable
*Residency Information Form Fillable
*Chromebook Consent Form
*PHASD Consolidated Acknowledgement Form
*Records Request Form (Excludes Kindergarten)
*Affirmation of Prior Discipline Record Fillable (Excludes Kindergarten)

Additional Forms
The following documents may not apply to all registrants:
PowerSchool Parent Portal User Agreement Form
School Request to Administer Medication
Statement of Varicella Disease Fillable
Release of Information to the Media Opt-Out Form

For Your Information
The following documents are for your information:

District Student Code Handbook
Port Huron Schools Student Chromebook Handbook
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Policy
Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Release of Information to the Media Policy